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Live naturally, enjoy a happy, healthy and fruitful life
with Nihon Dokan.

The universe is brimming with ki energy. Ki exists everywhere. It is the most fundamental element. Everything is filled with ki —trees, flowers, birds and even in a pebble on the sidewalk. Human beings are also a part of the universe and ki is the essential energy for human lives.

When a person takes in ki energy and lives along with the flow of ki, his life is free from any pains and worries. He can stay in sound health and fully enjoy his life till the end. This is the most natural way of life. When your ki circulation is smooth and free, your human relationships and finances will improve.

Nihon Dokan offers various courses of ki exercises to support your mental and physical health by improving your internal ki circulation.

Nihon Dokan's door is wide open to all people wishing to nourish their internal ki, to follow the universe's natural ki flow, and to realize an enjoyable, healthy life that is worth living.


Nihon Dokan is an organization founded
in 1980 by Grand Master Tenrai (Masao)
Hayashima to spread Taoist teachings
throughout Japan and the rest of the world.



oin is a series of exercises originated in China that Taoists fostered by experimenting in over five thousand years history. In Japan, doin was introduced in forth century along with Chinese books such as Thousand Character Litany (Chien Tzu Wen).
Grand Master Tenrai (Masao) Hayashima systematized Doin to Doin-jutsu to enable ordinary people to learn and master it. In 1969, while visiting Taiwan, he was asked to become the 13th head of the Lung Men (Dragon Gate) school of Taoism. He thus became the first non-Chinese to attain this position. In 1999, Master Myozui Hayashima, the Grand Master's wife, became the 14th Head of the Lung Men School of Taoism. She provides instruction on the Do-in Method across Japan.

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