It's been nine years since Grand Master Tenrai Hayashima departed for Senkyo (Taoists' heaven). I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support of Nihon Dokan in the 29 years since its foundation.

Grand Master Tenrai Hayashima was dedicated to pursuing and embodying Tao. His whole life was the road to Taoism.

Grand Master Tenrai was reputed to be a genius at curing illness. He gave advice to those suffering in life. He always told us with gentle conviction that we are born to live happy lives. He established Nihon Dokan to provide a place for everyone seeking Taoism. This was the culmination of his life's pursuits. He wrote more than eighty books spreading Taoism and Doin throughout Japan and overseas.

I vividly remember my excitement in the dawn of December 1st, 1977, when I arrived with Grand Master at the place where the Nihon Dokan headquarters built later in Iwaki, Fukushima. Since then, this place has become the foundation of our discipline. We are always comforted by the great ki power from there.

In 2006, we transformed Nihon Dokan Headquarters into Shin Nihon Dokan—an updated and expanded facility.

It was a great honor to have the director of the Taoist Society of Tainan, the highest ritual master, Chen Rongsheng(陳榮盛) and other Taoist priests at our completion ceremony.

Since then, there has been a greater Taoist exchange among China, Taiwan and Japan. We've stepped forward to join hands with other Taoists to pursue the way of Taoism throughout the world. With the support of authorities in various fields and the diligent effort of all Nihon Dokan members, we believe this place will be a lighthouse in this time of turmoil. With Taoism philosophy and Doin exercises that Grand Master organized, we will continue training ourselves and devoting ourselves to share Taoism with as many people as possible. In fact, it is our mission to share the way of Taoism with anyone who is looking for a better life.

As a learning site for Taoists, Shin Nihon Dokan wishes to be a center for people who seek happiness both in mind and body. We welcome you as you embark on a new chapter in our history.

August, 2008
Myozui Hayashima
Grand Master of Nihon Dokan
The 14th head of the Lung Men (Dragon Gate) school of Taoism

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